Authentic, Professional & Compassionate

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Honesty, courage openness & vulnerability are essential aspects of all that I aim to bring & encourage collaborating, whether in a consultation room, lecture theatre, conference halls or corporate offices or online provision.


A full commitment to life-long professional development and deepening of integrity, accountability, responsibility, ethical work & excellence. With explicit registration, chartership & accreditation to the relevant bodies, for absolute quality, safety & efficiency assurance.


Authenticity and Professionalism often mean that the work I do is challenging. Together, in this collaborative journey, this truth is acknowledged in advance; building trust compassionately is therefore  at the core of meaningful assessment, change and  recovery.

About Me

I am a registered clinical psychologist in Jersey with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC reg n PYL01708). I am a Chartered, Associate Fellow & listed on the Expert Witness Directory of the British Psychological Society (BPS reg n 096782).  I am also a Registered Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS) within the Society.


Services Provided

 I am an accredited Breathworks and UK listed Mindfulness Teacher and Honorary Research Fellow at Liverpool John Moores University. 

I regularly offer input to healthcare, legal, medical professionals, organisations, Government agencies, finance, welfare sector and VIPs, in the Channel Islands, UK and with some links in the UAE.

 I also have expertise of utilising interpreters in my work. At the centre of my work are a robust scientific, ethical and professional background and strong moral and ethical values such as confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, compassion, community and truth. 

These values infuse all my work and, whilst the work I propose to support my clients may be challenging, it is always driven by these genuine values, paired with professional and scientific knowledge and practice.