About Dr Agostinis

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Get to know Dr. Agostinis

I am of Italian origin, have a background in Hospitality, served within the Italian Parachute Regiment and subsequently moved to the UK where he pursued a career in psychology, through a BSc and also completing a competitive Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology. This has allowed me to evolve in a flexible, receptive psychological expert able to offer a bespoke service.  I currently cultivate a personal interests in mindfulness and meditation, boating, fishing, foraging and deepening relationships as tools to make sense of and improve life.

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist.  I am the founder of UK Jersey – based CTT International, offering professional bespoke psychological services in the Channel Islands, UK and beyond.   I have also served as a voluntary Committee Member of the Jersey Dyslexia Association and the Jersey Personal Injury Medicolegal Society and chaired a cultural not for profit association. I have  rescinded all these commitments to focus on my psychological and spiritual journey and to assist others in their struggles.

All my professional training and CPD took place in the UK, starting with my psychology degree (2002) and then formally qualifying with my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Leeds (2008). I have also complete parts 1-3 of EMDR UK approved EMDR practitioner training,  The Flash Protocol with David Manfield, several intermediate advanced training in Acceptance And Commitment Training (ACT) including with Prof. Kelly Wilson (2008) and Prof. Lance McCracken.

I am an Associate Fellow and Chartered with the British Psychological Society, and Registered with the Health and Care a Professions Council. I am employed by the States of Jersey as the only Chartered Psychologist in Chronic Pain Management. This entails a mixture of clinical, research and service development and management work, as part of a multidisciplinary team.

My clients include health insurance, high-profile, corporate, legal, the Courts, and VIPs.



I also provide consultation on stress management at the workplace with work including UK Government agencies. He was also selected as a volunteer expert panelist for the review of Work Capability criteria carried out by the UK Department of Work and Pensions in 2013. 

I regularly offer consultation, training, support and teaching to Channel Islands Corporate, Finance, Regulatory and Legal Professionals and Organizations. 

I provide Dyslexia diagnostic / identification assessment,  workplace needs assessment are also available, including teaching / training on the same.