Terms & Conditions for the Work I Do

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The following Terms will apply in respect of work undertaken by Dr Alessio Agostinis Limited with, for, or on behalf of the Client.

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Therapy Terms of Engagement

Last updated 02nd January 2024


Section 1: Initial Consultation  (a) Therapy Fees (b) Pre-surgical Assessments (c) Adult Dyslexia Assessments (d)

The initial consultation entails interview and the completion of self-report questionnaires, wherever appropriate. There is no obligation to attend further follow-up appointments following the initial consultation and this is focused on assessing suitability for psychological intervention. The patient may choose to bring along a partner/spouse in which case both may be interviewed together, separately, or a mixture of both. Diagnostic assessments (e.g. pre-surgical psychological opinion or cognitive assessments) are not included in this type of consultation and may incur a separate charge.

If following initial Consultation the Client agrees to additional sessions: Each one additional therapy / consultation session (55 minutes) fee.

The Client may choose to block-book in advance a pre-determined number of sessions or, alternatively, to renew on a session-by-session basis. On the patient’s request, video-conferencing sessions may also be arranged via prior agreement and are subjected to the same fees (£166 per  55 min. session or part-of).

Having a psychological assessment prior to any significant cosmetic surgery can avoid psychological complications, which are more likely for those with life-long low self-esteem, perfectionistic traits leading to body dysmorphia and recent bereveament/grief or loss. Assessment and, sometimes treatment, can help you understand, manage and address potential psychological factors that may affect how satisfied you feel with surgery.  

This  assessment will include an up to two hour consultation and report. The report will be written to the referring consultant and copied to the patient and GP.

The assessment takes in the region of 5-6 hours of one to one assessment plus 4-5 hours of marking and report writing . However, the standardised  basic fee for the report is £990 and assumes a home visit.  

We can arrange the assessment at our facilities, with significant notice for an additional £130 (Total of £1120 if at our facilities)

Workplace needs assessments can also be provided following diagnosis. The fee for these is variable but estimated to be in the regions of £900  – £1200 (estimated 6 – 9 hours to include email, workplace, station assessment and report writing and carried out in the workplace by prior agreement of both the dyslexic adult and the employer / manager / HR department. 

To make recommendations on reasonable adjustments in three areas: general workplace recommendations, assistive technology and specialist training and skills, in line with the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) workplace assessor training (2013 accreditation)25

N.B. All paid fees are non-refundable with the exception of the terms set out in Section 3.

Section 2. Payment

The following payment options are as for invoice terms and account details.

Currently available are:

  • Option1: BACS
  • Option2: Cheque (Please make cheques payable to Dr A. Agostinis Limited)
  • Option 3: Cash (by Royal Mail Special Delivery, or directly on the date of consultation)

Please forward payments to Dr. A. Agostinis Limited, Suite 2.9, Second Floor Lido Medical Centre, St Saviour Road, St Saviour JE2 7LA

N.B. Full payment for initial consultations must be made at the latest on the day of consultation – with the exception of payments made directly from health insurers (which must be pre-authorized by the patients with the same – and authorization code provided to Dr Agostinis at the beginning of the appointment). Payments for block bookings (e.g. 6 sessions, 10 or 20 sessions advance bookings) must be made in advance to guarantee the appointment, due to demand and availability.

For consultation outside of Jersey, fees and expenses will be payable within 14 days of completion of the visit and a deposit amounting to 50% of the expected (total) fees and expenses, will be required.

Section 3. Cancellation of or non-attendance to individual appointments



Dr Alessio Agostinis reserves the right to charge for each consultation postponed or cancelled by the Client, in advance of any additional consultation agreed with the Client. 

These date changes will be charged as follows:

  • 24 hrs or more = no charge
  • Less than 24 hrs notice or non-attendance to prescheduled initial or follow up consultation (once confirmed) = full fee, unless your appointment slot can be allocated to someone else on time.

Dr Alessio Agostinis reserves the right to cancel or reschedule consultations, without penalty or liability, for reasons outside his control. Should this situation arise, Dr Alessio Agostinis Limited will try to notify the Client as reasonably as possible and will offer alternative consultation appointments, or refund any fees paid for the cancelled consultation. N.B. Healthcare insurances will not typically cover cancellations or non-attendance costs and, therefore, these will be the patient’s responsibility.

Section 4. Payment of fees through private healthcare companies and self funding




Dr Alessio Agostinis Limited may able to offer, subject to the patient’s pre-authorisation with their insurer and, where appropriate, following referral from a professional of ‘relevant standing’ (e.g. psychiatrist, medical consultant, or GP, depending on the insurer), psychological assessment and therapy through the following companies:

  • AXA-ppp (provider number AA03533) 
  • WPA (provider number 920299047)
  • Vitality Health 
  • Norwich Union 
  • CIGNA (provider number 138011)
  • BUPA Global (provider number 277124)
  • BUPA (provider number 30005893)
  • Allianz

Self-funding patients can block book appointments that are paid for in advance with a discounted rate of £10 off per hourly session (£156 p/h). Six or more sessions must be booked for and paid in advance for this discounted rate. Same terms apply.

  1. If a patient has private medical insurance, the contract remains between myself and the patient. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that each procedure and item of service is covered by their policy. The patient will be responsible for any shortfall from the insurer.
  2. If a patient does not have private medical insurance, the contract is between myself and the patient.
  3. If a patient fails to attend a confirmed appointment or gives insufficient notice for their appointment to be filled (less than 24 hours), a non-attendance fee will be charged, 100% of appointment or procedure fee. This may be discounted in exceptional circumstances and at my discretion.
  4. For patients with private medical insurance, as a courtesy we will submit the invoice direct to the insurer, but it remains the patient’s responsibility to ensure their insurance company arranges payment to Dr Alessio Agostinis.
  5. Full payment is due within one calendar month of the invoice date (the date is receipt of the funds not the date of payment released / authorized by the client). Where the insurance company does not make full payment, the shortfall remains the responsibility of the patient and is to be paid within the permitted deadline .
  6. For patients self-funding, invoices are payable in full within one calendar month of invoice and/or statement. A £10.00 Overdue Account Fee will be applied for each hourly appointment (or proportion of)for overdue accounts on a monthly basis until payment is received in full (New standard appointments are typically two hours; follow ups, typically one hour). This only partially contributes toward the administrative costs involved. Should any account become overdue by more than one week of the payment date, we will contact you with one courtesy reminder and then a further reminder at two weeks overdue ( by means of email/SMS/telephone call). I reserve the right of cancelling at any point, all future scheduled appointment and requesting advance block-booking/payment for any future session.
  7. Failure to pay the invoice in full, or responding to the coursing reminders and/or following one month Overdue Account Fee (one month standard term, plus one month additional delay) will result in the matter being referred to a debt collection agency and will incur additional charges payable with the outstanding invoice(s), as well as the additional monthly £10 overdue account fee, for each further month delay.
    • Data Protection: We are permitted by law to collect, use and share your medical information with other medical agencies/health professionals regarding the provision of your medical treatment. We may share this information via secure e-mail. We will not sell, distribute or otherwise disclose your information without your consent, unless required or permitted to do so by law.
      9.For self-funding patients where there are two or more invoices outstanding, we will freeze or cancel any forthcoming appointments until the outstanding accounts are settled.

Section 5. Consultation/sessions outside of Jersey


Where applicable, for consultation in premises owned or arranged by the client, outside of Jersey, all reasonable expenses incurred by Dr Alessio Agostinis Limited, or his team on travel & subsistence, will be met by the Client, to / from the consultation premises to include flights to / from Jersey and to/from the premises for consultation.

  • Travelling time will be charged at £75 per hour and calculated from arrival at and return to Jersey airport.


  • Usual charges, as set out in ‘Section 1’ will apply for the scheduled sessions.


  • Hotel accommodation, when necessary, will be provided at a minimum 3 star level, and flights  will be at premium economy or business class.


  • Hotel accommodation, flights and additional transport to/from the venue, will be agreed in advance and a deposit may be required.

Section 6. Home visits



Consultations at the Client’s home are available upon prior agreement. Travel time (Jersey only) at same rate of hourly session to and from base –  per session is be applicable in these instances.

Section 7. Periods of Absence



The taking of annual leave, together with periodic training, as well as home visits to clients residing outside Jersey, may lead to Dr Alessio Agostinis or members of the team, being absent from the island for short periods of up to three weeks. In these circumstances, Dr Alessio Agostinis will endeavor to avoid any disruption to the progress of the consultation and will inform the Client/s in advance, in so far as possible.

Section 8. Termination of input

Whilst wherever possible, termination of input will be agreed in advance, an assignment may be terminated forthwith by the Client at any stage during the agreement.